Network Security

The data your computer holds is invaluable. Should you be the victim of data loss, the amount of time required to rebuild (if possible) your company’s files would be incredible. Given the value of the data to your business, it is extremely important to take steps to protect it. Data loss can occur from a variety of different problems

TelNex can secure your data by providing:

Secure firewall

The Internet is an effective tool for communication, however, companies must secure their connection to the Internet to protect their internal network from a variety of threats.

TelNex LLC offers a wide variety of firewall related products and services to help secure your Internet connection. Services include:

  • Hardware firewall: A dedicated hardware device that is connected between your internal network and the Internet.
  • Software firewall: Software that is installed on each workstation to monitor and secure Internet access.
  • Security audits: We can test your current Internet connection to document, and then address, any potential security risks.


Virus protection

You must protect your valuable computer data from virus infection. With the constant release of newer and more dangerous virii, it is critical you protect yourself from a damaging virus infection.

TelNex LLC can help protect your office from virus protection through a multi-pronged approach:

  • Install and configure antivirus software on all workstations and servers: Properly configured antivirus software is your last line of defense from infection. It must be configured and installed correctly.
  • Install a Virus scanner gateway: A gateway scans files before they enter your network, blocking problem files before they reach your internal network.
  • Train staff on how to avoid infection: Social engineering (trying to trick a user into opening a file that has a virus), is becoming a common method of spreading a virus. Well trained staff can learn to avoid being tricked into infecting your systems.
  • Develop an Acceptable use Policy: It is critical staff handle Email messages and file attachments in an appropriate and consistent manner.

Virus protection is absolutely critical for business.


Does you computer constantly suffer from pop-up advertisements, even when you are not browsing the Internet? Does your computer suffer from unexplained crashes and lockups? Then you may have a Spyware/Adware infection on your computer.

TelNex LLC can effectively deal with Spyware/Adware by:

  • Removing this annoying software from your computer.
  • Immunize your computers from all known ActiveX Spyware components.
  • Install alternative software that is Spyware/Adware free to prevent further infection.
  • Train staff on how Spyware/Adware is installed, and how to avoid further infection.
  • Implement an Acceptable Use Policy to avoid Spyware/Adware infections in the future. .

System updates

Are you tired of system lockups, crashes, program problems? These problems are often solved by installing updates to the software installed on your computer. Software manufacturers release updates to their software to fix bugs, correct serious security risks and to add features to the program. While these updates are often free to download, keeping track of what to install and when to install can be a bewildering and time consuming process. In an office environment, with multiple workstations and a wide mix of different computers, the complexity of tracking this can be overwhelming. Instead of wasting your precious time trying to keep your computer up to date, let TelNex maintain your computer for you. This allows you to spend your time doing what you do best, doing your job.

Regular updates to the operating system, drivers and applications are critical to keeping your computer running smoothly.
Highlights of the available system updates include:

  • Critical updates: Critical updates deal with problems that seriously affect the stability or security of your system. For example, older versions of Microsoft Outlook are extremely susceptible to external attacks that potentially allow an external user to damage or even erase data on your computer. Critical updates should be installed promptly to remove the security risk presented by the bug.
  • Operating system updates: The operating system of your computer is updated over time to correct problems with the operating system.
  • Application updates. Major updates are released for applications such as Microsoft Word. For example, there are major updates for Microsoft Office to deal with severe security issue.
  • Hardware driver updates: The equipment hooked up to your computer also needs to be updated.
  • Remote system testing and diagnostics: During regular maintenance, diagnostic software is run to check for common errors in your system configuration.